Mohun Bagan Super Giant were crowned the Indian Super League (ISL) Shield winners after a nervy 2-1 victory against Mumbai City FC in Kolkata on Monday.

Liston Colaco and Jason Cummings found the back of the net once in each half, propelling the Mariners to a 2-1 win over the Islanders, securing their first-ever Shield in the process. Mumbai City FC also fought hard, managing to reduce their deficit late in the game, but their efforts were not enough as Mohun Bagan SG secured a crucial win, making their way into the history books.

After the match, Mohun Bagan SG's offensive trio of Dimitri Petratos, Jason Cummings, and Armando Sadiku caught up with the, sharing their reactions on winning the Shield, the support from the fans in Kolkata, and more.

Will remember this moment for the rest of my life: Cummings


Cummings,Mohun Bagan SG's Australian forward, was elated following a crucial victory against the Islanders. Having played a key role in Central Coast Mariners' A-League Championship triumph last season, Cummings brought his winning touch to Mohun Bagan SG, helping them secure their inaugural League Shield title with a goal in their 2-1 victory over Mumbai City FC.

“I’m feeling beautiful. I’m really happy to be the champion of India in front of these supporters. The fans were amazing. The boys deserved it. It’s been a good season for us; we stuck together, and today we got the reward,” delighted Cummings told

Throughout the league campaign, Mohun Bagan SG showcased remarkable resilience and unity, sticking together even in the face of adversity. Their collective effort and unwavering determination propelled them to the summit of the league standings, culminating in the prestigious Shield title. Cummings expressed his firm belief that their championship triumph was thoroughly deserved, a testament to the tireless dedication exhibited by every member of the team both on and off the pitch.

“I want to dedicate my goal to our players. We are a good team with a great head coach, great staff, and, overall, a good squad. We really deserved this. We are now going to celebrate and enjoy ourselves,” he expressed.

The Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan was electrified by the massive turnout of enthusiastic supporters, generating an absolutely captivating atmosphere within the stadium. Cummings showered praise upon the passionate fans for their unwavering and unconditional support, highlighting how their fervour played a pivotal role in buoying the team through a tense encounter against Mumbai City FC.

“It was massive (support). It helped us on the pitch. We felt the atmosphere and the energy. We have the best fans in the league,” he expressed.

“To win the game (against Mumbai City FC) and the championship is really very special. I’ll remember this moment for the rest of my life,” he continued.

This season marked Mohun Bagan SG's second triumph, following their earlier victory in the Durand Cup. Cummings emphasized that their journey is far from over, as the team sets its sights on clinching the ISL Cup as well.

“Yes, we can win the treble. We won the Durand Cup, now the ISL League Shield. But we need to focus (on the upcoming matches). We have the opportunity to win the treble. We have playoffs ahead, so that’s going to be a chance for us to win three trophies this season. And after that, we can properly celebrate,” Cummings said passionately.

This is for the fans: Petratos



Petratos has consistently delivered in pivotal moments for the Mariners, whether it's scoring in the high-stake Kolkata derby or shining brightly in the crucial Shield-decider match against Mumbai City FC, where he supplied two assists. As a versatile forward, he's demonstrated time and again his ability to be a game-changer for Mohun Bagan SG.

For Petratos, their success is all about teamwork, emphasising the importance of every player's contribution in securing victories like the do-or-die match against Mumbai City FC. He also credited the unwavering support of their fans, who provided a crucial boost to the team's morale in a do-or-die game against Mumbai City FC.

“It was a team effort from the very beginning. This is for the fans. We made history. Our fans were really amazing,” he stated.

“There was a time when we couldn’t actually hear each other on the pitch. But it was perfect. Of course, (the crowd was an advantage for us). Around 61,000. It’s incredible - really amazing,” he added.

“I want to dedicate the Shield to everybody, our supporters, and our families,” Petratos further said.

Speaking about their head coach, Antonio Habas, Petratos highlighted the positive atmosphere he's fostered within the squad. The Australian revealed how the team, under Habas's leadership, has forged a strong sense of unity and cohesion, enabling them to perform as a cohesive unit regardless of the circumstances.

“Since the coach came in, he told us to be a group. We fought together from the first minute to the last whistle, and that’s why we won. We were focused on ourselves. Now we have the job done,” he revealed.

He further said: “We are enjoying this (the League Shield). We’ll try our best to win the treble."

Mohun Bagan SG deserved the League Shield: Sadiku


Albanian forward Sadiku, has been an integral part of the Mariners’ attacking lineup, with eight goals and one assist to his name.

Sadiku highlighted the hard work since the start of the season which contributed to their successful campaign. He also believed that they were the deserving side to clinch the Shield because of the performance they had exhibited throughout the league stages.

“It’s about eight months of training hard, and we’re the champions. Very, very happy for all these people. Today, everyone is happy. This club deserved to win the League Shield,” Sadiku said.

Sadiku thanked the thousands of supporters who supported the club through thick and thin and shared his pleasure in bringing smiles to their faces.

“Thank you to every fan for supporting us during bad times as well. I hope everybody goes home with happiness. We are the champions,” he commented.

The experienced campaigner wants to stay focused and committed to their game as his team gear up for the semi-finals.

“Of course, (Shield win will give us motivation); we are speaking in the dressing room about that. We’re ready. We know our potential (very well), so let’s go for another trophy (the ISL Cup),” he commented.