Taking penalties seems like the easiest job but the pressure that the penalty taker is subjected to makes it a lot harder than it appears. The taker is an overwhelming favourite to convert and thus has no big personal upside for converting a spot kick. But the downside of missing one is huge. The miss or the save can be a big part of the post-match conversations and the noise can hit a player's confidence hard.

Technique and psychology are both work behind any successful penalty kick.

The Indian Super League (ISL) also has its successful penalty takers, who have registered themselves among the most composed ones from the spot.

Here's a look at the top five players in the ISL with the most goals from penalties:

Sunil Chhetri: 15 successful penalties

The name Sunil Chhetri does not need any introduction for itself. Chhetri started his ISL career with Mumbai City FC but later joined Bengaluru FC in 2017 and scored 50 goals for the Blues.

Chhetri has taken 18 penalties in his ISL career and converted 15 into goals. He has been so consistent in finding the back of the net from the spot with his precise and composed shots. He waits until the last minute, follows the goalkeeper’s movement, and then quickly strikes the ball using his experience, which helps him beat the goalkeeper even if he guesses the correct side.

Roy Krishna: 10 successful penalties

Since his arrival in the ISL, Roy Krishna has continued to prove his worth with his goalscoring prowess. Playing for several teams in the ISL, Krishna has more than 40 goals under his name.

The Fiji international has a 100% penalty conversion rate by scoring in 10 out of 10 penalties. Krishna also has the same approach as Chhetri while taking the penalties. He stays strong on his feet, waits for the goalkeeper to commit, and then directs the ball the other way to leave the goalkeeper helpless.

Bartholomew Ogbeche: 9 successful penalties

Bartholomew Ogbeche is one of the legends of the ISL. In terms of goalscoring or chance creation, Ogbeche is second to none. To this day, he is the highest scorer in the league with 63 goals.

The Nigerian forward began his ISL career with the Highlanders but later played for fellow ISL clubs like Kerala Blasters FC, Mumbai City FC, and Hyderabad FC. Ogbeche converted 9 out of 10 penalty kicks he took; the only one he missed was against NorthEast United goalkeeper Arindam Bhattacharya at the time when Ogbeche was part of Hyderabad FC.

Ferran Corominas: 8 successful penalties

Ferran Corominas is one of the finest strikers ever to grace the ISL. Playing for FC Goa, Corominas proved himself to be a prowler inside the penalty box. With his finishing and off-the-ball movement, he established himself as one of the top goalscorers in the league, with 48 goals to his name.

The Spaniard also has a 100% penalty conversion rate by scoring in all eight penalties he took. Corominas has a smooth and composed approach, which makes it difficult for the goalkeepers to read his intentions.

Iain Hume: 7 successful penalties

In the early days of the ISL, Iain Hume came to India to play for ATK FC and Kerala Blasters FC. He scored 29 goals in 69 matches.

The Canadian forward was a worthy penalty-taker. Hume used to find the net with precise finishing and composed anticipation. He scored on seven out of eight attempts from the spot in the ISL.