Throughout this ISL season, matches between Mohun Bagan SG and Mumbai City FC have been intense and filled with excitement. Meeting twice, each team has claimed victory once, making their encounters evenly matched. In their first meeting in December, Mumbai City FC secured a nervy 2-1 win against Mohun Bagan SG. However, in the final match of the season, which also determined the League Shield winner, Mohun Bagan SG emerged victorious, solidifying their position at the top of the table in a thrilling battle that kept fans on the edge of their seats until the very end. Despite the competitive nature of their clashes, both teams have displayed a strong desire to attack and find the back of the net, resulting in a total of six goals scored across their two encounters.

As Mohun Bagan SG and Mumbai City FC prepare to face each other once again in the ISL final, the prospect of goals is high, promising another captivating match. With both teams boasting 89 goals combined during the league stage, it's evident that attacking football is their forte. Mohun Bagan SG leads the scoring charts with 47 goals, closely followed by Mumbai City FC with 42. Remarkably, 15 different players from both teams have contributed to this impressive goal tally, highlighting their depth in attack and their ability to find the net from various positions on the field. These statistics underscore the anticipation for an electrifying ISL final, where attacking prowess is sure to take center stage once again.

Different approaches 

Even as the league stage reached its most crucial phase, Mohun Bagan SG and Mumbai City FC continued to showcase their goal-scoring prowess. Antonio Habas' squad has found the net in all of their last 10 matches, notably securing the opening goal in nine of these encounters. Meanwhile, the Islanders have consistently scored in each of their recent games.

Despite their shared enthusiasm for attacking football, both teams adopt distinct strategies on the pitch. Mohun Bagan SG, under Habas, have demonstrated a preference for exploiting wide areas. As per Opta, only 24.6% of their attacking touches originate from the middle under Habas. 

In contrast, Mumbai City FC, led by Petr Kratky, exhibit a more play-from-the-back approach with the ball. They boast an impressive pass completion rate of 81.1%, the second highest in the league after Odisha FC (81.2%). Additionally, Mumbai City FC is one of only two teams, alongside Odisha FC, to have registered 200+ open-play sequences of 10 or more passes this season, showcasing their patience and precision in possession.

With the ISL final on the horizon, both sides will be keen to conclude their campaigns on a high note. However, their shared commitment to relentless attacking and goal-scoring, hallmarks of their success this season, suggests an exciting and action-packed showdown awaits in the ISL final .