The current season of the Indian Super League (ISL) has been marked by exceptional displays of skill, particularly in dribbling. Certain players have showcased their prowess in maneuvering past defenders and penetrating the opposition's territory with their deft footwork.

In essence, a dribble occurs whenever an attacking player attempts to bypass a defender.

Some standout performers from the ongoing ISL season have captivated spectators with their remarkable finesse, displaying intricate moves and impeccable ball control to outwit their opponents. Their contributions have been pivotal to their offensive strategies of their respective teams, as they consistently create scoring opportunities.

So let's take a quick stroll down Dribble Street and explore the top five prolific dribblers in the ISL.

                  Player         Dribbles Completed               Games Played   Dribbles Completed/Games Played
       Jithin MS                      32                      17                            1.90
         Sahal Abdul Samad                      22                      13                            1.69
           Iker Guarrotxena                      10                       6                            1.66
               Madih Talal                      31                      19                            1.63
             Noah Sadaoui                      27                      17                            1.59
1) Jithin Madathil Subran- NorthEast United FC (1.90 dribbles/game)

Jithin MS has emerged as one of the most potent attacking assets for NorthEast United FC this season. A mainstay in Juan Pedro Benali's lineup, he has featured in nearly every game for the Highlanders, showcasing his importance to the team. With two goals and three assists from 17 appearances, Jithin has been a key contributor to NorthEast United FC's offensive efforts.

However, it's his exceptional dribbling ability that truly sets him apart. In the current ISL season, Jithin has been nothing short of phenomenal, completing an impressive total of 32 successful dribbles in 1349 minutes of play, a feat that stands as the highest in the league. With an average of 1.90 successful dribbles per game, he has consistently been a dynamic force in NorthEast United FC's attacking line-up, causing headaches for opposition defenders and providing a vital creative spark for his team.

2) Sahal Abdul Samad- Mohun Bagan Super Giant (1.69 dribbles/game)

In his debut season with Mohun Bagan Super Giant, Samad has been enjoying a remarkable run. Despite facing intermittent injuries, the India International has proven his effectiveness on the field. With one goal and four assists to his credit from 13 appearances, Samad's impact on the team's performance has been notable.

Despite his limited playing time due to injuries, Samad has displayed his trademark skill with the ball at his feet. Remarkably, he ranks second-highest in the ISL this season for successful dribbles per match, averaging an impressive 1.69 successful dribbles. Over the course of 1005 minutes played, he has completed a total of 22 dribbles, showcasing his ability to navigate through opposition defenses with finesse and precision.

Iker Guarrotxena- Mumbai City FC (1.66 dribbles/game)

Ranked third on our list of top dribblers in the ISL this season is Guarrotxena. Despite his relatively short stint with Mumbai City FC, having joined during the January transfer window, the 31-year-old has left a significant impact.

Despite featuring in only six matches, the Spanish forward has demonstrated unparalleled effectiveness in dribbling. With an impressive average of 1.66 successful dribbles per game, he has been one of the most efficient dribblers in the league. In just 476 minutes on the field, Guarrotxena has completed a total of 10 dribbles, showcasing his ability to navigate past defenders with ease.

Beyond his exceptional dribbling prowess, the forward has also made significant contributions to Mumbai City FC's attack. With three goals and two assists in his six appearances, he has proven to be a valuable asset before unfortunately being sidelined for the remainder of the season due to injury.

Madih Talal- Punjab FC (1.63 dribbles/game)

The 26-year-old attacking midfielder has emerged as a significant force within Punjab FC's squad this season. Hailing from France, he has proven to be a pivotal addition to Staikos Vergetis' team, playing a crucial role in their victories. Displaying remarkably consistency, he has featured in every match for the Shears thus far.

In terms of offensive contributions, the French midfielder has been nothing short of impressive, tallying four goals and an impressive eight assists. His creative flair has been instrumental in Punjab FC's success on numerous occasions.

Moreover, Talal has showcased his adeptness in dribbling, tallying a total of 31 successful dribbles throughout the season, just one shy of Jithis MS. With an average of 1.63 dribbles per game, he consistently has posed a threat to opposition defenses, further solidifying his status as a key playmaker for Punjab FC.

Noah Sadaoui- FC Goa (1.59 dribbles/game)

Rounding out our list of top five dribblers in the ISL this season is Sadaoui, FC Goa's dynamic forward. Renowned for his versatility in playing as a number nine or on the wing, he has been a key figure in FC Goa's attack under head coach Manolo Marquez.

In his 17 appearances for the Gaurs, Sadaoui has showcased his attacking prowess, contributing six goals and three assists while accumulating a total of 1382 minutes on the field.

However, it's his exceptional dribbling ability that truly sets him apart. With an average of 1.59 successful dribbles per game and a total of 27 completed dribbles, Sadaoui has consistently poses a threat to opposition defences, demonstrating his skill and agility with the ball at his feet. His contributions in this aspect have undoubtedly played a significant role in FC Goa's success in the attacking third throughout the season.