Passing is an art in football, a vital component that defines the rhythm and flow of the game. The heart and soul of football lie in the ability to execute a successful pass, which requires the perfect blend of technique, pace, and power.

In the Indian Super League (ISL), numerous players have excelled in the realm of passing, becoming the key orchestrators for their respective teams and enabling them to play out effectively from the back. These players have demonstrated exceptional passing quality, frequently topping the charts for the most successful passes in the league.

With that, take a look at the players with the most number of successful passes.

Ahmed Jahouh - 1367 passes

Renowned for his impressive passing range and technical proficiency, Jahouh was instrumental in orchestrating Odisha FC's buildup play and controlling their midfield possession. His exceptional ability to dictate the game's tempo and deliver precise passes distinguished him as one of the top midfielders in the league. With an extraordinary tally of 1,367 successful passes, Jahouh led the league, becoming the only player to surpass the 1,000-pass mark.

Pulling the strings in midfield, Jahouh demonstrated his class and helped Odisha FC reach the semi-finals for the first time.

Carlos Delgado - 998 passes

Another player pivotal to Lobera’s philosophy of playing out from the back was centre-back Carlos Delgado, who registered the most successful passes among defenders.

As one of the team's leaders, Delgado let his feet do the talking, winning the ball and consistently finding ways to unlock the opposition's defence with his precise passing. The Spaniard came close to surpassing the 1,000-pass mark, falling just two passes short in the end.

Carl McHugh - 966 passes

In addition to making crucial tackles and interceptions, McHugh played a pivotal role in initiating most of FC Goa's attacks. With the team adhering to their attacking and possession-based football approach, McHugh proved to be an indispensable asset, significantly contributing to their journey to the semi-finals.

Under Manolo Marquez’s system, McHugh emerged as a core player, registering the highest number of successful passes for the team. His tally of successful passes was only surpassed by Jahouh among midfielders.

Subhashish Bose - 935 passes

In addition to excelling in his defensive duties, the Mohun Bagan Super Giant captain showcased his skills as a ball-playing defender, becoming the only Indian player to record the highest number of successful passes in the league this season.

With the Mariners scoring the most goals this season, Bose played a crucial role in driving the ball forward and initiating attacks from the back, proving to be a key player in their offensive approach.

Puitea - 919 passes

Lalthathanga Khawlring, also known as Puitea, is the third Odisha FC player to feature on this list. He flourished under Sergio Lobera’s possession-based system, coming into his own as a vital component of the team.

The Indian midfielder developed a crucial partnership with Jahouh in the heart of the midfield, maintaining the flow of play and delivering key passes. Puitea's contributions were instrumental in keeping things ticking and providing essential service to his teammates.